Monday, October 20, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance?

My mother, sister, my sister's sister-in-law, Megan, and I all went to the So You Think You Can Dance Concert at the E Center. It was amazing! What a great show!

We saw the top 13 dancers perform all of our favorite dances!
Megan, Me and My Mom!
The four of us enjoying the show!
Here are some pictures of the show:

Twitch and Katee after the famous "Door" dance!
Five Guys Named Moe.
Twitchington dancing to A New Day Has Come.
The end number!
Twitch's Solo! Awesome!

We are going to go every year that it comes to town! They put on such an amazing show. Twitch, Josh and, especially, Gev were hilarious to watch! So much fun! Thanks, Kami, for getting us tickets!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

St. George

A few months ago, at a big Calderwood family dinner, (my mom's side of the family), we made a plan to go on a girl's weekend to St. George and watch the plays. For some reason, my grandmother, aunts and mother all went without my sister and I. Rude! Therefore, I made my mom go down again and have a mini girl's weekend with me and my sister! We had a blast! We saw Les Miserables in the beautiful out door theater!

Me and my mom, just before the show! My sister, Kami, and me! Thank Goodness the BIG soda machine in the background did not make it into this picture! Ha ha ha! (Sorry, little inside joke--ask me about it!)

The next day we spent SHOPPING, of course! We had a very fun day filled with shopping the outlets and eating at yummy places! Here I am getting myself beautiful for the day!
My beautiful mother!
Thanks mom and Kami for the fun fun fun weekend! Let's do it again, soon!!