Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Hot Lava Christmas

Last year my family started the tradition of spending the weekend before Christmas in a cute little cottage at Lava Hot Springs. What could be better than a weekend filled with family, presents, food, beautiful scenery and hot springs?
My mom, my brother, my dad holding my nephew, and my sister-in-law
My niece, Ady, holding her new doll.
Me and Conrad hanging with Ady.
My mom and my nieces--Ady and Tori
My dad and my nephew--Kale. Best buds!
Conrad, me and my niece--Alyssa.
My brother, Kory, came up with an idea for a "dollar store" gift exchange. Before coming to Lave, we all had to go to the dollar store and choose a gift that represented a past memory. He got the idea from a Christmas party at a trade show exhibits company. During the exchange you had to guess who's gift you chose and what the memory was. It was a lot of fun!
Conrad playing with Tori in her blow-up bed.
Alyssa modeling her mom's hat.
Little Kale in his bed!
Love, Love, Love, Lava! What a fun and relaxing weekend. Can't wait til next year!